Saturday, 21 February 2009


last night i went to 'The Custard Factory' in Birmingham to see Cluekid, Caspa and Benga.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

petit garcon

i have a new hair cut.
i did look like this

and now, i look like this;

Sunday, 15 February 2009

ashes ashes ashes.

i have just finished reading 'Narcisa' By johnathan shaw.
addiction, relationships, drugs, sex, demands, obsession, hate, love, passion, fucking, escaping, realism, belief, regret, need, want, desire.
fucking sweet.
"Baby, people like us, we're so fucking rotten inside, even Jesus can't save our ass, and the devil don't want us anymore either. That's why we're stuck with each other."

narcisa: our lady of ashes
heartworm press

live from planet death.

Describe your personal style: very cheap and not so cheerful.

What are the staples in your wardrobe? leggings, vests, too many black dresses, brogue boots, band tshirts, heels, checkered hoody shirt thing.

What's your signature look? daytime; black flag t, black leggings, brogue boots, fur jacket or my mac. i tend to wear this wherever i go, unless im feeling particularly daring. nighttime; black dress, black leggings/tights, black heels.

What inspires you? thinking, and my friends

Who is your fashion muse? i dont have one inparticular, i tend to wear the same thing or same style of thing all the time and i dont know where i got it from. i just enjoy looking at certain people.

Favorite purchase of all time? this is hard. maybe my brogue boots, or my cream fur.

Biggest splurge? my biggest splurge is probably bvlgari diamond earrings but that was a few years ago, and i only wear them on special occasions. i tend to get alot of things for free, cast offs from others. and i spend very little on my clothes.

Beauty routine? cleanse, moisturise. mac liquid foundation, mac concealer, mac compressed powder, mascara, blusher. if im going out at night, maybe some mac lippy, depends how i'm feeling, and maybe some liquid eyeliner.

What jewelry do you never take off? my swatch, two festival bands though im not sure they count as jewelry, and a pink plastic ring which my friend gave me years ago from a christmas cracker.

What are you wishing for? money, a nice gold necklace, some MD, cigarettes, some ridiculousley tight stonewash jeans, boat shoes, for someone to pay to get my film developed, to book a holiday, to find this little park in london i want to visit, and i want to like my hair short as im worried i won't like it.

What are your obsessions? obsessing.


My valentines day consisted of stayin in bed all day, and drinking by myself.
It was poor on the standard of a normal day. On standards of valentines day, it was literally awful.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

ahhhh oui!

i've just returned from Paris, well 'just' in a loose sense of the word as i got back on Sunday and it's now Tuesday. Anyway, it was a sweet trip, or should i say c'etait bon. It's shit being back in old angleterre, allthough i have just had an extra two days off of school due to the snow so i shouldn't complain. One of the highlights of the trip was that i picked up a litre of sangria in a carton for 1euro55cent, BARGAIN. And it brightened up the long journey home, tres bien!