Saturday, 5 September 2009

The best thing i have ever read.

"You can't save anyone from themselves. You will lose everything by attempting to play saviour.
You will never heal the wounded. You cannot repair the damage already done by selfish parents, vicious ex-lovers, child molesters, tyrants, poverty, depression or simple chemical imbalance.
You can't undo psychic wounds, bandage old scars, kiss away ancient bruises.
You can't make the pain go away. You can't shout down the voices in other people's heads. You can't make anyone feel special. They will never feel beautiful enough, no matter how beautiful they are to you. They will never feel loved enough, no matter how much you adore them.
You will never be able to save the battered from battling back at a world they've grown up to hate. They will always find a way to pick up where the bullies have left off. They will in turn become bullies. They will turn you into the enemy. They will always find a new method in which to punish themselves. Thereby punishing you.
No matter how much you've convinced yourself that you have done absoloutly everything in your power to prove your undying devotion, unfaltering commitment and unending encouragement, you will never be able to save a miserable basterd from themselves.
The wounded will always find a way to spread their pain over a vast terrain, like an emotional tsunami which devastates the surrounding landscape. An ever-expanding firewall which will singe everything and everyone in its wake. The long you love a damaged person the more it will hurt you."

Credit to Lydia Lunch, Barcelona, 2007.

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  1. this is the foreword for Jonathan Shaw's dirty filthy punk novel 'Narcissa', amazing words though aren't they? Love you for posting this