Thursday, 3 September 2009

see you

i got back from reading on monday, it was pretty good. Full of little dicks as usual, two girls that stick to mind were walking around shouting the lyrics to casanova by Gallows, made me want to cut of my ears to rid myself of the torture. Other than the countless amount of idiots it was decent. Deftones were amazing, as were friendly fires. KOL were extremely dissapointing which pissed me off, they played too much shit off the new album. Arctics were shite aswell. I did some awful MD which made me want to rip my stomach out of my body, i managed to spend very little, and it was pretty cold.
It was my birthday on the sunday, finally turned 18. I only saw brand new and gallows, both were pretty decent. I spent my evening in the silent disco where i swear they played the same 10 songs twice in the same order.

I move to leeds in just over a week, im pretty stoked for that. Looking forward to getting away from this shitty town. Im going London tomorrow to buy myself stuff with the little money that i have. I want to go to offset festival this weekend but noone will go with me, suckers.

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